La Maison des Enfants Montessori Children’s House


Catherine C. Vigreux: Head founder and teacher
Citizen of France, born in Egypt, I lived and travelled in many countries, first with my family, later on my own. Belgium is the country where I decided to make my home. I've seen so many different places, landscapes, people, colours, heard many languages, sounds and music, felt different atmospheres. Exposed to these situations at a very young age, I developed the ability to adapt, to analyze, to compare, to evaluate, to have opinions of my own.
This multicultural environment gave me a broad mind, taught me several languages, awakened my sense of observation and creativity. It led me to a good understanding of people and families from different walks of life and nationalities… After my "roaming around", during which I got married in the US and had the joy of becoming a mother, I came across Montessori in Madrid, and started to study about the child and his wonders. It was a true revelation! Listening to my Italian teacher (trainer from Perugia, IT) explaining Maria Montessori's work, philosophy and approach in education, it was as if someone had written down, black on white, what I'd always thought and felt inside me without being able to express it. The confirmation of all my beliefs! I graduated with honours in the early 80's from "Hill House Centro de formacion al metodo Montessori" and from “El Instituto de Ciencias de la Educacion, Universidad de Madrid.
Since then, I have been on the scene, worked in several Montessori schools, longing to start my own, to put my talents, my experience and knowledge to serve children. La Maison des Enfants, was "born" in 1994 and and from then has welcomed children from the five continents: Scandinavians, Irish, French, Italians, Germans, Americans, Indians, Japanese, Australians.
Felicia Vinczellér: Assistant teacher
Born in Budapest, and raised in New Delhi, she lived, studied and worked in London. Felicia has been involved with the school for a good few years working alongside me as a dedicated assistant in the classroom.
Sophie Fourneau: Belgian Dalcroze teacher
She comes once a week to give her popular “rhythm & movement class”.
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