La Maison des Enfants Montessori Children’s House


"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but experiences in the environment"
Maria Montessori
The prepared environment:
Our carefully prepared environment consists of a bright, ordered (neat & tidy), classroom structured and adapted for children with a 3-year-span, divided in four main areas of “work”: Practical life, Sensorial, Mathematics and Language – in which Geography, History, Science, Art, Music and motor skills are included. Open shelves offer the children a series of progressive materials devised by Dr. M. Montessori, allowing each child to learn new concepts, progress at his own pace & level and discover the joy of learning.
It is a community where each participates in its daily functioning, meeting the essential aspect of Montessori education: - the development of personality and the social behaviour. (e.g. good manners, kindness to each other and adults, care and respect of the environment) The role of the teacher is that of a mediator between the child and the material, the child and the group. Trained to show the correct use of the material, she is a keen observer and keeps the child’s natural curiosity awake. Placed in such a setting, guided by a well aware Montessori teacher and her assistant, the child develops self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, independence, builds up his will and concentration as well as respect and sociability.
“Help me do it by myself”
Children are busy like bees in a beehive: each at a different task of their choice. Zachary is happily painting at the easel, Hagar is drawing with a smile on her face, Caspar is building a tower with pink cubes on a floor mat, Andrew is working on the binomial cube, Sofia is feeding the fish, little Julie is watching Luka building words with the movable alphabet, Yusuke is counting aloud the spindles, Max is looking at a book, Selena is washing the baby, Hugo is carrying a table with Ben, Zara is watering the plants, Frederic is carefully cutting with scissors, Kristen is matching cards with written words…Time and life goes on in a peaceful atmosphere. Active, independent and responsible, children are showing contentment and wellbeing while “learning”, “experimenting”… They are growing harmoniously in their environment.
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